Do I have to live with arch or heel pain?
The daily grind of life is hard enough without chronic everyday aches and pains that we can’t seem to do anything about. Arch and heel pain stems from the excessive flattening of the arch which pulls and slowly begins to tear the muscles, tendons and tissues in and below the arch which act to support the arch and foot. Over time, as we get older, this results in instability which in turn causes arch pain,
heel spurs and other foot problems. Fortunately something can be done about this problem.

Icon Orthotics provide a simple non-surgical method of restoring the arch to its optimal shape, thus relieving the stress on the bones and joints, allowing the foot to gradually heal.

Want to improve your endurance and performance?
When your body is properly aligned your muscles are properly balanced, making them more efficient and allowing them to work to their fullest potential. Many people suffer injuries or tire more quickly than they should due to a frequently overlooked underlying condition—fallen or “pronated” arches. When the person’s foot is properly supported, dramatic increases in endurance, strength and stamina can be achieved because the body is no longer struggling to correct these imbalances, thereby leaving more energy for you to use in your sport.

Many of the aches, pains and injuries common to exercising can gradually be eliminated once your body is properly aligned. Icon Orthotics use breakthrough orthotic arch support technology to help you get the performance edge you’ve been looking for.

Does my child have to live with "growing pains"?
Your children have inherited their physical traits from your family’s genes. They may have also inherited your family’s skeletal imbalances. If you have foot, knee, hip or back pain, there’s a good possibility that your children will have these same problems when they get older. We have the solutions to prevent these imbalances from ever becoming problems. The best time to correct children’s structural alignment as well as cure “growing pains” is when their bones are still growing. Our orthotic arch support system will properly support your children’s feet in a position that allows their bones and joints to glide evenly upon one another, avoiding the joint damage and injury all too commonly seen in adults. Prevention for children and young adults is the key. Give us a call to help prevent a lifetime of adult problems for your children today.

Why is my doctor recommending Icon Orthotics?
Icon Othotics are made by a different and unique method that gives the device maximum contact with your foot. Only “full-contact” orthotics provide maximum control of the forces that lead to pain and disability. Cheap over-the-counter orthotics, even more expensive custom orthotics provide only partial contact and therefore can’t support your feet adequately.

Icon Orthotics are individually balanced to your weight and the flexibility of your foot. The result: better control and greater comfort. It’s why Icon Orthotics are the leading brand of personalized orthotics on the market today.